Plato Woodwork Family Tradition in Custom Cabinetry
Pinske Family

Perfecting the Art of Custom Cabinetry Since 1893

For generations, the Plato name has stood for craftsmanship, style, tradition, and family. In the small Midwestern town of Plato, Minnesota, we have upheld that legacy with pride that reflects in the way we craft our cabinets with precision and passion.

We still build every cabinet as an original work of art. We provide personalized service through our exacting standards and strict specifications. We use a deft blend of contemporary technology and traditional hands-on craftsmanship to produce American-made heirloom-quality cabinetry for your home.

Our company is committed to using domestic sources for our materials whenever possible. We believe that the phrase ‘Made in the USA’ should mean more than that a product was merely assembled in America. We are proud to be a family-owned company. We consider our employees part of that family, and when you purchase cabinetry from Plato Woodwork we consider you as more than a customer.

We appreciate your interest and looking forward to welcoming you to the Plato family.

The Pinske Family

  • 1893

    Plato Woodwork Founded

    In 1893, Theodore Pinske, a hard-working son of German immigrants, began his construction business in Plato, Minnesota. Over the years he established a reputation for fine craftsmanship and added a lumberyard and millwork shop. He and his skilled workmen built many of the churches, schools, homes, and barns in the area.

  • 1918

    Barn Roof Innovation

    In 1918, Theodore took a train to Montevideo, Minnesota after hearing about a barn that was constructed in the gothic-style using no crossbeams or posts. Instead, the roof was crafted using a series of built-up rafters cut to precise curves which created a smooth continuous arch. This inspired Theodore to revolutionize his building method.

  • 1934

    Pre-electric Days

    In those pre-electric days, the curved gothic rafters had to be drawn out on timbers and sawn freehand, which was time-consuming and imprecise. Harnessing the Pinske creativity, Theodore and his son Edward took a Model T engine and chassis and built a portable combination ripsaw and cutoff saw that eliminated the power and time problems. Then they did what the experts told them couldn’t be done, building a jig that allowed them to rip precisely curved rafters with a minimum of waste. Innovation at every level paved the way to expansive success.

  • 1960

    Early 1960s

    In the early 1960’s, Edward’s three sons divided the family businesses amongst themselves. Edward Jr. (“Pete”) focused on the construction business, Bob took over the millwork and cabinet shop, and youngest son Tom had the lumberyard.

  • 1968

    Plato Woodwork, Inc.

    Bob’s son Tim and Tim’s wife Marlys, joined the family business and shifted the focus to kitchen and bath cabinetry exclusively as Plato Woodwork, Inc. They marketed their cabinetry through a network of dealers and this is how the Plato Woodwork of today still operates.

  • 1970

    Modular Cabinets

    Plato Woodwork’s first cabinets were modular and included a limited list of accessories. Over time, the number of available cabinets and configurations grew and in 1971 the first formal catalog was offered dealers.

  • 1977

    Home on Third Street

    Plato Woodwork found its home at 200 Third Street in Plato, Minnesota where 100% of the manufacturing still happens today.

  • 1979


    Warehouse and Cold Storage Warehouse added

  • 1988


    Assembly Room and Plywood Mill Room added

  • 1996


    Finishing, Hardware, and Shipping areas added

  • 1998

    Lifetime Warranty

    Plato Woodwork’s Lifetime Limited Warranty was applied to every order that left the shop and continues to be part of the Plato package today.

  • 1999

    Plato Woodwork Gets Online goes live!

  • 2003

    5th Generation Owned

    Karl Pinske grew up watching his parents, Tim and Marlys, run Plato Woodwork and learned the ins and outs of the business. He spent years working in the shop before moving into the office where he worked on the Sales and Marketing team. In 2003 Karl took over the position as President becoming the 5th generation to own the company.

  • 2008

    Inovae Debuts

    As the popularity of European style cabinets grew in the U.S., Plato got to work creating their own frameless cabinet line. Inovae brought to the table the tools to create kitchens from the typical, modern European style to the very traditional. Plato designers could now offer their clients a competitive frameless product with the same finishes and door styles available in Plato Custom. Inovae cabinets with their 3/4″ box construction would eventually lead to the development of ICS.

  • 2010

    Icon Collection Debuts

    In 2010 Plato debuted the Icon Collection which was unique in that it paired a 1″ faceframe with a 3/4″ door. Initially the collection was limited to a beveled faceframe, Artisan doorstyle, with interior features including walnut trimmed drawers and scooped ASTs. Today you’ll find the Icon configuration, which includes no mid-rail, within the Custom catalog and it remains a top selection for transitional designs.

  • 2011

    Prelude Debuts

    The market’s demand for a semi-custom option led to the creation of Plato’s Prelude line. The semi-custom construction allows for Prelude cabinets to move quickly through the shop, resulting in faster lead times for delivery. The cabinets are constructed with the same attention to detail and care as the custom line, but with less available options for finishes and customization.

  • 2011

    Plato Showroom

    Plato Woodwork expanded once again in 2011 with the addition of an on-site showroom. This space serves as the location for dealer trainings and features a range of displays and vignettes to showcase the capabilities and customization of the multiple cabinet lines.

  • 2014

    ICS Debuts

    Clients looking to add cabinetry to their closets, mudrooms, or garages could now use the Inovae Closet System to add “ready to assemble” hanging or drawer storage.

  • 2018


    Plato Woodwork entered 2018 with a fresh, modern look with the debut of a new logo just in time for the 125th Anniversary. Commemorative cardboard was used for the year to mark the anniversary and an updated merchandise offering became available to Plato dealers. The marketing team developed brand guidelines to fit the vision for Plato’s future. New taglines, cleaner fonts and a sophisticated color palette were some of the key changes to fit the new image.

  • 2019

    125th Anniversary

    There was much to celebrate in Las Vegas at KBIS where Plato revealed a new booth and a new cabinet line in celebration of their 125th Anniversary. A party was held for employees, representatives, and dealers in attendance of the show.

  • 2019

    The Collection Debuts

    After more than 125 years of experience, Plato pushed the envelope in 2019 with the KBIS debut of The Collection. This new, truly European line, showcases textures in simple geometry with concealed hardware and innovative functions.

  • 2023

    130th Anniversary

    Customers and vendors traveled from all across the country to celebrate 130 years with Plato Woodwork style back yard bbq. To comemorate the day Revolae catalog was introduced along with updated brochures and integrated lighting program.

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