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With a history like Plato Woodwork’s it would certainly be understandable to rest on your laurels or do things the way they always have been done. Understandable maybe, but certainly not how the Pinske family and their team at Plato Woodwork operates. Responding to a need in the market for a higher quality line of semi-custom cabinetry, Plato developed Prelude to meet this demand.

Maintaining your budget shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing quality or design. Prelude semi-custom cabinetry uses the same exceptional standards in wood selection and finish quality as our custom line. In fact, you can combine specialty pieces from our custom line in perfect harmony within your Prelude kitchen to create a beautiful custom quality kitchen at an exceptional price.

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A fine, straight grained wood species with a uniform color from light tan to reddish brown. Takes stain well and is a species that is easy to distress creating many design opportunities for the homeowner.

Rustic Alder

Same as above, but selected for a higher concentration of knots and other naturally occurring ‘character’ features to create a more rustic look.


A fine textured hardwood with a prominent figure and a beautiful, warm pink color. Cherry may have occasional natural features such as pecks, small pitch pockets and mineral streaks all of which contribute to the uniqueness of this species. Cherry ages gracefully, acquiring a rich patina that continues to darken over time further enhancing its beauty and warmth.

Character Cherry

“Character Cherry” is a signature look created by Plato. It is achieved by combining cherry that has been selected for a higher concentration of mineral streaks, knots, and other naturally occurring ‘character’ specially packaged together with our Character Distress wood effect to create a beautifully rustic and time worn appearance.


A strong, fine textured hardwood which has a subtle grain figure. The color tends to be a light, creamy tan. Maple is known as one of the heavier and denser woods available and is very sturdy. Maple has some naturally occurring features such as an occasional mineral streak, to the more spectacular birds-eye, burl, fiddleback or quilting.

Plain Sliced White Oak

Heartwood is light brown; some boards may have a pinkish tint or a slight grayish cast. Sapwood is white to cream. The grain of this hardwood is open, with longer rays than red oak. Figuring due to pronounced rays, interlocked and wavy grain are brought out more conspicuously than red oak.


Plato is known for the quality and beauty of their painted finishes. Every coat is precisely applied over top grade hardwoods, hand-sanded between coats and oven-baked for a satin-smooth, furniture finish that will retain its beauty for years to come.

  • Prelude cabinetry receives the same quality finish as our Personalized Custom™ cabinetry, so you can seamlessly blend any custom cabinets you may need into your design, and be confident that your cabinetry will be as beautiful in the coming years as it is today.
  • Only our premium topcoat of catalyzed conversion varnish is used, in your choice of two sheens.
  • Choose from a palette created from our most popular paints, stains and glazes.
Alder / Rustic Alder Finishes
Cherry / Character Cherry Finishes
Maple Finishes
Plain Sliced White Oak Finishes
Paint Finishes

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